The Orphanage for Elephant

If patting an elephant on its head and bottle feeding a cute little jumbo is on your bucket list, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Sri Lanka is a must visit attraction during your Sri Lanka Holiday. Located in Rambukkana, the orphanage provides a temporary home for orphaned, recused and injured elephants until they can live on their own in the wild.

A Day in the Orphanage

Watch them bathing on the river nearby is a sight you can’t get tired of. The mud bathing, trunk swirling elephants along with lazy little ones who refuse to get into water will make your day. You will have to be there before 10 am or before 2 pm to catch them enjoying their bath. The best part, you can feed them with fruits and milk and pet them as much as you like.

You can participate in this if you get them there before 9.15 am, 1.15am or 5.00 pm.

Started in 1975 Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a home to nearly a 100 of elephants and also serves as one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country.

If you are heading to Kandy or Nuwara Eliya make sure to drop by the orphanage to witness the life of these majestic creatures. Contact us to plan your day in Pinnawala Elephant orphanage.

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