Colombo is the business capital of Sri Lanka and is the closest big city to the Bandaranayake International Airport.


Kandy is hill capital and home to the Temple of the Tooth, which houses an actual tooth of the Lord Buddha. This relic is taken along the streets of Kandy for people to pay their respects in an annual procession held in July/August called the Kandy Esala Perahera.


Situated in the Southern Province on the coastline, Galle has a colourful history influenced by the Dutch colonial era. There is an ancient Fort and several quaint buildings dating back to that period. This city is very close to the Unawatuna beach.


The coastal  city of Negombo has had a strong Dutch influence and is now a Catholic dominated area and a major fishing village. It is located 6km from the Bandaranayake International Airport.


Anuradhapura is a very ancient civilization that was already well established and advanced even several centuries before the birth of Christ.


Dambulla is home to the magnificent Golden Rock Temple that was erected by King Walagamba around the 1st Centuery BC. Dambulla stands on a rock over 160m higher than the surrounding land, and now boasts of the famous Rangiri Dambulla Cricket Stadium.


Polonnaruwa was a capital city in medieval times around the 11th Century AD and replaced Anuradhapura as the island’s capital after the South Indians’ invasion. It remained the capital for almost 2 centuries and there is still evidence of that opulent era in the ruins of buildings and palaces.


Sigiriya, known as the ‘Lion Rock Fortress’, towers above the countryside and forest and gives visitors stunning views of the Dry Zone and Central Highlands. It was built by King Kashyapa and contains some beautiful murals of damsels and a carving of Lion’s paws that are visible even today despite the ravages of time and natural elements. Sigiriya has been named the 8th Wonder of the World which is a tremendous achievement for this small isle.

Nuwara Eliya

Known as Little England due to its cold, misty climate and the quaint architecture of the town reminiscent of Britain, Nuwara Eliya is the highest major city in the island. Nuwara Eliya is a popular holiday resort where locals visit in droves during the ‘April Season’ each year.


Situated on the North-East coast, it is a natural deep water harbor. The area is accessible to visitors and one can see an extremely old Kovil (Hindu Temple) that stands on a cliff (Swami Rock) to the East of the town.