The Green Grassland

Located in beautiful Ohiya, the lush green grassland covered in mist studded with wild blossoms, Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka offers you a piece of heaven for those nature lovers.

Blessed with a rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes, the place is one of the must-visit attractions in Sri Lanka.


The grassland that covers an area of 31.6 km² is also comprised of evergreen rainforests and cloud forests, cascading waterfalls, crystal clear water streams, swamps and slops. Trek along the narrow yet well-marked trails in Horton plains national park to experience a peaceful time enjoying the nature under the chilling climate.

Apart from the sound of blowing wind and sounds of chirping birds, there will be nothing to disrupt you while you are immersing in the serenity of nature.

Horton plains national park is a home to nearly 750 exotic species of plants, 24 species of amazing mammals and 87 species of colourful birds. 9 species of reptiles and 8 species of amphibians also make their home in the park. Being one of the most beautiful biodiversity hotspots in the island, the site is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Things Around

The world’s ends, a steep drop of 870m (2,854 ft) and the baker’s falls are the main highlights of the place that charms everyone.

For those you are seeking a bit more adventure, you can explore the nearby mountain ranges such as Kirigalpottha and Totupola Kanda. Plan your day out to Horton plains national park in Sri Lanka with us.

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