Snorkelling In Hikkaduwa

If you want to handpick your location to enjoy the best experience indulge in some great snorkelling, then it’s time to pack up and head towards Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka. Located in the southern shoreline of Sri Lanka it will be the best pick you can ever spot-on to dive into relatively calm, shallow waters and snorkel amongst living coral and hundreds of colourful reef fish. Hikkaduwa, a marvellous underwater ecosystem which is now declared as a Marine National Park has become home to over 60 species of corals and 170 species of reef fish.

The park is also a home to several species of sea turtle and other marine creatures. This amazing adventure spot invites visitors not only to gaze at the natural sea life but also to explore numerous shipwrecks. For any visitor to have a perfect treasure hunting dream in the deep sea, some of t the shipwrecks remain well preserved, found lying at varying depths of the ocean bed.

The ride on the glass boat to explore the corals and marine life is for you if you are too lazy to go snorkeling.

Best Time To Visit

Between November and April is the best time to visit Hikkaduwa as the seas are calm during this season making it ideal for some great underwater explorations.

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