Explore a real rural village of Habarana and take a walk to the heart of the Sri Lankan culture. This authentic village walk in Habarana will unfold another facet of the lifestyle of Sri Lanka; The local farming lifestyles and culture. This nature-loving rustic village will welcome you to grasp and even to have some hands-on experience of what it’s like to be one with nature’s bounty.

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Experience the village life!

Walking along the rice fields and experiencing the local vegetable farming, tilling of native crops, poultry keeping and beekeeping are must things to do when you are in a village of Habarana. You can also add a jiff of adventure to your Habarana village walk by climbing a makeshift “tree house”.

As the cool breeze brush your face and refreshing your body, mind and soul do not forget to head to one of the humble homes of the naive village folks for a refreshing cup of fresh -Ceylon Tea served with a piece of sweet jaggery.

You can have a close encounter with the vendors who sell fresh lake fish, or freshly plucked vegetables, from their baskets on hand-pushed carts or bicycles.

This once in a lifetime experience will take you over blotches of the jungle where you can scrutinize chena or shifting cultivation in addition to the plenty of birds and some wildlife. By the end of the tour, you can earn a unique experience of Sri Lankan hospitality to hold for a lifetime.


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