Amangalla Resort

Amangalla Entrance

Located in Sri Lanka’s historic Southern town of Galle is the stately Amangalla Resort, a stately Dutch style mansion that will enfold you in the luxury of its elegant Suites and Rooms. From here you can wander peacefully around the Galle Fort which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and see the quaint buildings of a bygone era, architecturally similar to those of the Amangalla Resort, and catch a glimpse of the intricately beautiful Galle Lace being produced.

Galle is an ideal vacation destination for those favouring the sunshine and tranquility of the seaside. At the same time its old-world charm will transport you back to an era where elegant ladies and gentlemen alighted from horse-drawn carriages at the doors of gracious buildings such as the elegant Amangalla mansion to pay their calls.


Amangalla window with view


You can expect the most elegant accommodation in each of the eight Suites which are tasteful and comfortable, furnished with antiques from the colonial era. These include the famous four-poster beds and the carved wooden chest known locally as a ‘Pettagama’. Even the floorboards beneath your feet will shine with the luxurious luster of Burma Teak that has seen the comings and goings of thousands of guests. The Suites are located in the Church Street Wing and the Middle Street Wing and offer its guests interesting views of the tropical gardens of the Hotel, the ramparts and the harbor.
The Bathrooms too are large and lavish, decorated in white and hardwood. They feature twin vanities, large wooden mirrors, bathtubs as well as shower rooms.


Amangalla suite bath room

Seven of the Bedrooms are located within the building itself, on the ground floor, with beautiful antique furniture including a four-poster bed. Attached is the Bathroom with all amenities such as a bathtub, twin vanities, toilet and shower.
The other three Bedrooms are located outside the Resort’s main building, but within its gardens. These too are tastefully and comfortably furnished with a combined sleeping and sitting area, which is the only difference between these rooms and the ones indoors.  French doors and windows give you immediate access to the lovely gardens that surround these rooms.


There are six of these which offer views of the ramparts and include a separate sitting area in addition to the Bedroom and Bathroom. Even here the ambience is regal and colonial, highlighted by the antique furniture and fittings.

The Garden House

This is a two storey house nestled within the Resort’s gardens and boasts of a private balcony and terrace that look out over the nearby treetops. There is a Sitting Room, Bedroom and Bathroom, all carrying through the same theme of colonial grandeur with original antiques and tasteful décor. Furthermore, a stairway takes you to the upper floor with its daybed and banquette for relaxing. The Garden House also features a pantry serviced by its own Butler.


Amangalla dining room

The Zaal & The Dining Room

The Zaal or the Great Hall is the place to relax in and enjoy the colonial ambience together with the light meals and snacks that are served here. You can also partake of the daily afternoon Tea indoors or outside on the verandah which looks out on the street. The Dining Room serves the main meals of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, offering an array of mouthwatering local fare such as Rice & Curry and other dishes. This room is the epitome of quiet elegance with its period furniture, crisp white linen and sparkling silverware.

The Library

The perfect retreat for those looking to lose themselves within the pages of a good book or even a colourful magazine for that matter! The subjects of the books featured here range from history to communities in Sri Lanka, and if you feel like a change of activity, there are board games to play and audio CDs to listen to. A computer with internet facilities is available too.

The Baths and Garden Pavilion

Amangalla pool side

We call our Spa The Baths as a tribute to the long-ago practice of restoring one’s body and soothing one’s mind by ‘taking the waters’. The ambience here is calming and holistic, and five treatment chambers provide you with everything from a Sauna to Hydrotherapy Pools to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. All the modern amenities that will ensure a complete Spa experience are available here.
Daily Yoga and meditation sessions in the Garden Pavilion will give you strength and help you to find and appreciate your inner beauty.


From delicious meals to healing massages, they all await you at Amangalla. Come here prepared to be swept off your feet by the colonial style ambience and typical Sri Lankan hospitality!

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