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Pahanthuda Fall

Located about 1A1/2 km from Belihuloya, to get to the Waterfall, one has to travel along the halagalagama road for 1 km and then walk down the mountain for A1/2 km. The Time taken would be about one hour. The base of this 15ft waterfall, carved out of the rock bed is shaped like an oil lamp.

Bambarakanda Fall

Bambarakande is taller than the famous Diyaluma falls which is only 220 meters but thought to be the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The Diyaluma or Diya Haluma collects its water from the Poonagala Oya in the vicinity of Koslanda and Wellawaya. Located six miles from Koslanda and 13 miles from Wellawaya, its waters originate from the Mahakande Pass in Koslanda. You can see this waterfall if you stop a while on your way to Haputale and detour.

Surathalie Fall

This waterfall can be reached in about 20minutes or 8km from Belihuloya. This is not a waterfall but a water-slip. The water slides down along a rock wall on the eastern slope of Mt Ellamana for about 65ft in height.

Brampton fall

This tributary of Weli Oya flows down the eastern slopes of Mt Papulagala (1530m) forming several cascades among huge trees of the surrounding monsoon forest. In half an hour one can reach this waterfall. Along the Colombo-Badulla road about 10km from Belihuloya, one comes to this fall (about 6 meters in height) among
Several other smaller falls.

Papulagala Fall

Situated 5km east of Belihuoya at Lower Hiralouvah, a steep winding road leads to Upper Hiralouvah through the Brampton Estate. This part of the estate is bordered in the north by a rock range flanked by Mt.Papulagala.

Galagama Fall

To reach this, one has to travel up to Ihalagalagama along a small motor able road for about 5km and walk a further 6km through paddy fields and scrub jungle. It will take about 2 hours to reach this waterfall. This 500ft waterfall is in a deep gorge in Belihuloya covered with large slippery rocks.

Duwili Ella Fall (Walawa Ganga Fall a East)

Situated close to Kaltota near the Walawe Ganga. It has been described as one of the most unusual waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Hulang Ella (Walawa Ganga Fall - West)

To reach this fall, one has to travel 8km up to Aldora along Balangoda - Kaltota road and another 8km to Mulgama along a rough small road, where, though motor able, only a jeep or tractor can ply. The rest of the distance has to be walked through rough terrain and jungle.


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