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seetha amman temple - Ramayana sites sri lanka

The Ramayana is an ancient Sanskrit epic and an important part of the Hindu canon. The Ramayana narrates the story of Rama’s wife Sita, being abducted by Rāvana the demon (Rākshasa) king of Lanka; the war between Rama (Sita’s husband) and Ravana, and Ravana’s subsequent defeat by Rama.

There are many places in Sri Lanka associated with the Ramayana.

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Sri Lanka Holidays

Yala leopard in sri lanka

Rich with pristine Nature and wildlife, unchanging pattern of weather through out the year, dancing rivers which flows from amazing hills - Sri Lanka the tear drop in the Ocean offers photographers rare opportunities.


Villa & Boutique Hotel Tour

Villa & Boutique Hotel Tour

Adventure & Trekking Tour

Nuwaraeliya Adventure & Trekking Tour


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Sri Lanka Holidays - Another day in Paradise

A beautiful tropical island, cuddled by dazzling white beaches, golden yellow sunsets and crystal blue waters, Sri Lanka is a breath of Fresh Air. So Plan your next Dream Vacation to reincarnate all those fantasies in your mind and enjoy this gorgeous & exotic land …

Sri Lanka the Pearl of the Indian Ocean is truly Paradise….

A precious gift of nature, this stunning island has so much to offer. Exotic palm fringed shores, lush green forests, cool misty hills and its milky white waterfalls all complimented by a Rich Vibrant culture is sure to make your Holiday in Sri Lanka the best spent days of your life.

"When we try to describe our holiday to others, their faces light up as if they are children listening to a wondrous bedtime story."
Thomas Lopatka, Oberengstingen, Switzerland

Sri Lanka is a small and wonderful island filled with many exotic destinations and much to explore…

Sri Lanka is an ideal Adventure Holiday Destination.  Surrounded by turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is gifted with some well preserved reefs perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving and several interesting wreck diving sites waiting to be explored. Sri Lanka also has ideal conditions for Wind Surfing with ample locations to choose from specially the west coast, which is noted have the best sites for this adventure sport. You can add another dare devil experience to your Holiday in Sri Lanka catch the next ride on the fast & furious sport of White- Water Rafting.

With many rivers flowing downhill from the central mountain ranges of the island you can confront awesome rapids with names like Head Chopper, Slot and Drop, Rib cage, Killer Fall….

But if you’re looking for a more relaxed Holiday in Sri Lanka you can always visit a Golf Club in the City of Colombo or take a quiet drive uphill to the cool climbs of Nuwara Eliya which are over 100 years old. And may be later may be go on a Safari to the Yala National Park where you will be able to see a wide variety of wild life including Peacocks, Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Deer’s and many other more species endemic to Sri Lanka….

Sri Lanka is our home and we want you to be a part of it too.

Sri Lankan People & their Culture
Sri Lanka is an island with a population of over 19 million people with a multi ethnic & multi cultural background. Buddhism is the main belief in Sri Lanka owning to a rich history which is to explain for the large temples and magnificent life size statues of the Lord Buddha still to be seen among the ruins of the ancient Kingdoms of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. Hindus, Christians and Muslims are among other important ethnic groups sharing this wonderful Island.

Sri Lankan Climate
Enjoy tropical sunshine throughout the year in this beautiful island. Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city lies in a coastal area where the temperature may vary between 25- 29°C   and if you beg to differ, you can always drive to the hill country and unwind in a softer cooler environment surrounded by scenic views of misty hills.

The island has two brief monsoons every year, but is sure not to hinder any of your travel plans. The two monsoons hail from the South West/South during the months of May to June and October to mid November and from the North/East and South East during the months of December to January.

Sri Lankan Cuisine
An explosion of Spices …Sri Lankan cuisine is a fusion of vibrantly colored spices cooked with fresh local produce. Rice & curry was and will always be the main staple food in Sri Lanka and Coconut milk is a must have in all Sri Lankan household.

A tradional Sri Lankan breakfast will include “Kiri Bath” also known as milk rice, Pittu – Coconut steamed rice, Rotti – a thick pizza like dough mixed with chopped green chillies, onions and shredded coconut or String Hoppers – rice noodles along with a spicy curry of “Ambul thiyal” (rich thick fish curry) and “Pol sambol” (Shredded coconut infused with spices).

Of course fresh fruits are in abundance grown in many regions of the island and among them would be the famous Pine apple, Rambutan, variety of Mangoes, Mangustin, Passion fruits, Avocados and even the famous Durian whilst not forgetting the refreshing juice of the Orange colored “King Coconut” found mostly along the coastline of the island.

So let us help you organize your next Holiday in Sri Lanka , A  personalized tour with attention to detail, so you get a chance to just sit back, relax and enjoy this exotic land

After all who better to organize your tours than the locals…

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