Sri Lanka Ayurveda

"Are you overworked & stressed out? Need to re-energize your batteries? Then take a look at our Ayurveda health programs in sri lanka. The all natural science of health and good living. "

When you look back over your many achievements and conquests over the years, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Through your life, you have pressed forward and found success in many areas ...materially, financially, professionally.

But at a price. Too many late nights at work, meetings, deadlines, targets and heavy responsibilities...have taken their toll on your body mind and spirit.

If LIFE only had a 'refresh' button...

You feel that you definitely need a break from the monotonous work, and really MUST get rid of the stress, migraine and headaches that constantly torment you.
Yes, you can!

If you are wondering how you could get back your clear eyes, a refined skin tone, a robust nervous system and an increased zest for life.. - and NO side effects!

Ayurveda is the answer!

Ayurveda therapy is based on the ancient wisdom of good living. The word Ayurveda is formed from the root words of Ayu = Life; & Veda = Science (or the way). Thus, Ayurveda is defined as 'the Science of life'. This is an ancient system of medicine that uses herbs and oils to heal and rejuvenate. Heavily influenced by the system of the same name in India, Ayurveda is widely used in Sri Lanka for a range of ailments.

The basic principle of Ayurveda treatment shows that by changing of food habits and the way of life, you can achieve internal harmony of both the body and the mind.

Ayurveda gives you a base to manage your daily life better, as you will develop the power to reject negative and disturbing forces of all kinds.

Our Sri Lanka Ayurveda Hotels = Well being + Tropical Vacation

That's right!

You can now look after your body and mind as well as enjoy a nice tropical vacation as well! We offer a selection of ayurveda hotels where you can have ayurveda therapy in sri lanka to spend your next vacation.